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nineteen92's Journal

6 May

NAME: Mandi
AGE: 13
DOB: May 6, 1991
LOCATION: New Jersey/New York
OCCUPATION: Full time honor roll student, babe ;)

This is how it goes.. I'm not a bitch, but I can be if you push me. When I meet someone I either automatically like them or not like them, so make sure you do something to make you one of the people I like :) I'm usually pretty nice, and if you're a good online friend or w.e you know that I'm pretty perky and enthusiastic. Those who meet me claim I have a "magnetic personality" and am drowning in charisma, and they never forget me. Gee, thanks :) Umm.. I am obsessive-compulsive which means that I always have to have everything perfect.. It also means I always set high standards for myself, soo if you haven't guessed already I am pretty concerned with my grades and schoolwork. Can't keep up? Don't ask to be added. Oh and people who I don't want to befriend are betrayers, liars, sluts, and the like. I am pretty obsessed with fashion and couture, so if you're like me and know the difference between a mini skirt and a tube top (there is none), then yea add me. Oh yea, one more thing.. I have mood swings.. so if you IM me or say something and I react harshly or don't answer, it's means F*** off and try again later.

My journal is locked. I don't want to bombard you with reasons why, it's just logical that if you pour your heart out in a journal that you wouldn't want complete strangers reading it without you even knowing. If you would like to get added, you have to first add me and then IM me on AIM (boys are dumb ox) and ask to get added. If I don't like you, it's logical that I won't add you. Also, I tend to mildly curse here and there, so if you get bothered by an occasional "fuck" or "shit" or whatever, this is not the place for you. I'd like to make some new friends, specifically fashion freaks and girls around my age, or generally just nice people who will have a positive influence on me. Please don't add me if you're one of those "Ohh my God life sucks omg i'm gunna go shoot myself now bye" type people.. It gets pretty annoying and makes me want to slap you. Aaah and one more thing, no mini wannabe "Oh mY gOd lYkE iM sUcha cAM wHoRee!11"s, please :)

Umm.. this section is *supposed* to be for my friends.. and yet only two people gave me a picture of them. Take one of yourself now and give it to me so I can add you here, babes <3